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From humble beginnings…

When I first began writing books for my own children, they were just toddlers. I had searched the internet for appropriate Greek books and was unable to find something that suited my children’s needs. There were lots of licensed products that were translated into Greek, like Thomas books, Dora the Explorer and more, however, the language was far too complicated for toddlers to understand- particularly since my children were learning Greek as a second language. When we first start reading books to our children as babies, we buy books with ‘first words’, numbers, colours, animals, everyday objects etc. So why don’t we use the same kinds of books when we are teaching our kids a second language? In my opinion, it is a must to start from basics!

So I decided to turn to my creative flare and design some simple books for my own children to read. I had a computer, I had paper, I had access to clip art and I had a printer. Here is what the books looked like…

What a vast difference to the final product that resulted from this adventure! 🙂

As an educator at heart, I was always in the habit of turning everything into a learning experience. When my children started to recognise the letters of the alphabet, we began learning about the sounds that they make. When they learnt how to count from one to five, then one to ten, we would count everything we saw in front of us. So when they began showing an interest in Greek, I just had to find them some Greek books- or in this case publish some myself!

So that is where my journey began. From some simple black and white books, printed on my home computer, to the beautifully illustrated books that you see today.

What opportunities have you turned into learning experiences? I would love to hear your thoughts…Follow me in social media:

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