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Learning through playing games

Children love to play games and can learn many things in the process. Playing games with your children is valuable for many reasons:

  • It teaches them important social skills, such as how to work as a team
  • Depending on the game, it can teach them about turn-taking and winning and losing
  • Games can be used to teach new knowledge as well as new skills
  • It can teach them how to follow a set of instructions or rules
  • It’s fun!

This post will focus on a simple and familiar game, Bingo. Apart from being a fun and easy game to play, it can be used here to increase your child’s vocabulary in Greek.

To make your own bingo game at home, begin by choosing any theme such as foods, holidays/celebrations, animals, colours, household items, first words etc. All you really need to do is prepare the bingo playing boards and bingo cards, and find something that you can use as counters.

The bingo playing boards can be prepared using Microsoft Word. Insert a 4χ4 table into the document and add your images and text. You can use the same document to make the bingo cards- just cut them out instead of using them as a board. The boards and cards can be laminated so that they can be used over and over again without damaging them. If you would like to make it more complex, you can make multiple boards with one or two different words per board.

For older players, you could make a bingo playing board with the text only. However, for younger players, I recommend having the picture as well as the word.

Below are some free downloadable bingo boards for the topics of ‘Foods’ and the ‘Greek Alphabet’ that I have used in the past. In the Foods bingo game, I have included 5 different bingo boards to make it more challenging and interesting for the players. For the Alphabet bingo game, there is only one playing board, that can also be used to make the cards. The idea would be to shuffle the cards and see if the players can identify the letters of the alphabet as they are called out randomly. Feel free to download and print them out for use at home or at school.


Bingo- foods

Bingo- Greek alphabet

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