Maria Wood, is a teacher and tutor from Melbourne, Australia. She teaches students across all year levels in Mathematics, Biology, English and Greek. She is also a mother of two. She loved teaching her own children how to read when they were younger and wrote several Greek books in order to help them learn Greek as a second language. She printed them out at home on her black and white printer, stapled the pages together, and read them to her children regularly. When her niece was born and she began reading to her as well. Other parents also used these ‘home-made’ books with their children. There seemed to be a need for such simple books and the lack of available resources was disappointing. The joy that was seen in her children’s faces from being able to understand Greek in a way that they had not understood it before was all the motivation Maria needed to self-publish her books. Her hope is that they will help other young children to develop their language skills further as well. The books are visually appealing and simple to understand. They are a must have for all children learning Greek as a second language.

Apart from being a teacher, mum and tutor, Maria also has a keen interest in graphic design. She has used her skills to develop other teaching tools, such as alphabet charts and colours charts. These have been popular with children as they are visually appealing and act as a reference point once they begin learning how to read and write. As with Maria’s books, the charts are also a valuable resource for children learning Greek as a second language.

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